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With Murid, teachers are able to:

  • Automate grading

  • Assign different learning paths for different groups of students

  • Adaptive learning

  • Make virtual classrooms

  • Provide learning analytics

Murid is built by teachers for teachers. We ensure that all of our tools help teachers to teach better.


Our virtual classroom feature makes it easy for teachers to conduct online classes and webinars.

To top if off, teachers are able to create seamless, timed breakout group to facilitate students discussions.

Future-proof your school by leveraging this feature, whether there is a global pandemic or not.

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Smart Classroom

Robust Analytics

Easily see how your student perform from our analytics dashboard.

Classroom Automation

Murid provide tools to automate some aspects of your online classroom, including grading,

learning paths, and certificate issuance. 

Virtual Classrooms

Can't meet in person?

No problem!


With our virtual

classroom feature, classes can meet online.

Adaptive Learning

Using Murid, teachers are able to carve different learning paths for individual students based on their competence.